5 Simple Things To Do In Your Backyard

Chris Gilmour

With a lot of love and the right tools, any backyard can be an oasis.

Ozito Industries’ national training manager Andrew Murray says there are plenty of little things householders can do to make a big difference in their garden in the warmer months.


This property in Portsea was built on former gardens owned by Harold Holt. Picture: Realestate.com.au

“Spring is traditionally the busiest time of year in the garden, but while the weather is still warm there are certainly things that can be done to improve the backyard, you just need to have the right tools,” Murray says.

He shares the five things which will make a big difference.

1. Get mulching


Mulch will do wonders for keeping your plants hydrated and healthy. Picture: Getty Images

Adding mulch is always a good idea, in any garden, says Murray, and the benefits of mulching are widely known.

It helps plants and trees retain moisture and puts nutrients in the ground, which helps root systems.

“Depending on the type of tree, it’s possible to make your own mulch with our products, which can be cost-effective,” says Murray.

2. Just add water


It’s possible to use rain water to water your garden.

Summer is all about watering and ensuring plants, trees and lawns are kept alive, Murray says.

“Nowadays, it’s possible for DIY enthusiasts to install watering systems, to ensure plants get the water they need in the heat,” he says.

For those with rainwater tanks, it’s also possible to “add pressure” so rainwater can be used on gardens, Murray says.

With Aussies becoming increasingly conscious of their water usage, there are a number products on the market to help householders make the most of the water they have, he adds.

3. Spruce up


The backyard at 84 Humphries Road, Mount Eliza is lovely and tidy. Picture: Realestate.com.au

It’s amazing the difference a thorough tidy-up and pressure wash can make to a backyard, Murray says.

“This is a great time of year to get out the pressure washer, water blaster or blower/vacuum and have a really good tidy up around the garden.

Pressure washers especially do a great job of getting rid of muck and mess – much better than using just a regular garden hose, and uses less precious water,” he says.

4. Check the pool


When the leaves are cleared from the pool, they can look lovely. Picture: Realestate.com.au

Maintenance should be front of mind for those fortunate enough to have a pool, according to Murray.

“During summer, attention needs to be paid to the pool equipment itself and the pool surrounds,” he says.

“Lots of people go to turn their pool on and realise the pump needs replacing or repairing, for example,” Murray says.

Cleaning up around the pool area, pressure-washing tiles and getting rid of debris should also be on the to-do list.

5. Manage the lawn


This property has lush green grass which makes the front yard look gorgeous. Picture: Realestate.com.au

Nothing says summer oasis quite like a lush green lawn, but keeping it that way requires work.

“In summer, it’s about watering and feeding the lawn,” Murray says. “Knowing how to keep the lawn looking great – which often means leaving the lawn a little longer in summer to protect it from burning – is also important,” Murray adds.

Lawn mowers, trimmers or blower/vacuums make light work of lawn maintenance, he adds, allowing you to enjoy more leisure time.